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I truly am: 

  1. Techno-Optimist and Learner: As a techno-optimist, I believe in the power of technology to solve pressing issues, from environmental challenges to social divides. This belief fuels my eagerness to learn and innovate, ensuring I contribute positively to technological advancement and societal improvement.
  2. Positive Attitude and Socialite: My positive attitude complements my social nature, making me adept at fostering relationships and creating a vibrant, collaborative work environment. I leverage my outgoing personality to build networks, inspire teams, and drive collective success, proving that optimism and social skills are vital professional assets.
  3. Integrity and Opportunity: Integrity is the bedrock of my professional life, guiding me to make ethical decisions and build trust. However, as an opportunist, I recognize and seize short-term opportunities that align with my goals, balancing my moral compass with the pragmatism needed to navigate the complexities of career advancement.
  4. Self-Motivated Technologist: My self-motivation and belief in technology's potential drive me to exceed expectations and champion innovation. While I pursue individual achievements, I remain committed to contributing to larger goals, ensuring my work has a lasting impact beyond immediate gains.
  5. Collaborative Opportunist: While I often capitalize on immediate opportunities, I value collaboration and teamwork, understanding that sustainable success is a collective endeavor. I strive to blend my opportunistic instincts with a commitment to shared goals, ensuring that my contributions are meaningful and aligned with long-term objectives.

A brief background 

What led me to embody these traits? Let's delve into my journey, focusing on my progression in the IT field.

My childhood and family life

 I hail from Lahore, a bustling metropolis in Pakistan, where I was born into a family of modest means but rich in vision. My father, though not affluent, was a visionary who instilled in me an unprecedented level of confidence by wholeheartedly believing in my capabilities, shaping the foundation of my personal and professional journey.

My grandfather, a real-life hero, profoundly influenced me by exemplifying patience and dedication. His remarkable commitment to our family was evident when he chose not to remarry after my grandmother's death at 40, focusing instead on his children's futures. He lived a full life of service and love, passing away in 2013 at the age of 97, leaving behind a legacy of steadfastness and selflessness that continues to inspire me. 
In tribute to my grandpa, whose sacrifices laid the foundations of our family's future: Your legacy of love, patience, and dedication shines as a guiding light in my life and work. Your memory is a treasure, cherished and honored in every step I take.

Late Dr. Bashir Ahmad

Late Dr. Bashir Ahmad - My Grandpa

My schooling era

During my early school days, I was recognized as a bright student, captivating my teachers with my creative thinking and innovative ideas. My ability to view things from unique perspectives fueled my academic journey, making each lesson an adventure.

My creativity often came with a dash of mischief, blending naughtiness with ingenuity. This combination brought vibrancy to my school life, making it memorable for both me and my educators. My approach to learning and problem-solving was unconventional but effective, often leading to surprising outcomes.

Even years later, many of my teachers of Standard School remember me as an intriguing character. My creativity wasn't just about solving problems; it was about adding life and color to the classroom. I left a lasting impression on those around me, becoming a student they wouldn't easily forget.  

Photo of 6 years old Kashif-Mukhtar

When I was 6

My early adult years in college:

I initially leaned towards accounts and finance, completing my I.Com. However, my deep-rooted connection with computers swayed me to pivot towards a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS), moving away from a potential Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) path.

My aspirations and potential career paths were often the subject of discussions with my mentors, particularly Mr. Tahir Nazir and Mr. Naeem Akhtar (AL-Fajar Institute). Both were not only energetic but also optimistic, and they played a pivotal role in steering me towards the IT field rather than business administration. Their guidance was instrumental, and I continue to discuss my career and decisions with Mr. Tahir Nazir, who generously offers his advice and support.

Teachers- Tahir Nazir and Naeem Akhtar

Programming, especially in C language, resonated more with me than accounting, leading me to firmly root my career in the computer science field. This decision paved the way for my eventual success in the industry.

My journey through the Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) program at Gates College was enriching and challenging. I delved into web development, programming, systems analysis, network architecture, and database management over six semesters, each lasting six months. These focus areas laid the foundation for my technical proficiency in the IT landscape.

Kashif Mukhtar With BCS classmates in 2002
Gates College
Our trip to Mangla dam

I thoroughly enjoyed each semester, finding unique challenges and learning opportunities that fueled my passion for technology and development. The culmination of this academic journey was in the seventh semester, where I undertook the ambitious task of creating an eBay clone as my final project. This project not only tested my coding skills but also my ability to integrate complex functionalities like a payment gateway, mirroring the real-world operations of an e-commerce platform.

Gates-college-teachers-Sir-Major-Arif-Butt and-and-Sir-Farhan-Mir-with-Sirr-Sajad

This educational journey at Gates College was pivotal in shaping my career in web development and IT solutions. It equipped me with a comprehensive skill set and practical experience, preparing me for the challenges and innovations of the tech industry.

Online courses:

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce SpecializationThis specialization equips professionals with the latest in digital marketing trends and e-commerce strategies. It enhances understanding of online marketing tactics and e-commerce optimization, leading to better campaign performance, increased conversion rates, and a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.


Key Certifications:

  • Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-commerce: Builds foundational knowledge, enhancing skills, employability, and industry insight.
  • Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing: Focuses on increasing brand visibility, enhancing customer interaction, and strengthening online presence.
  • Make the Sale: Build, Launch, and Manage E-commerce Stores: Ensures expertise in e-commerce store setup, management, and sales optimization.
  • From Likes to Leads: Interact with Customers Online: Transforms online interactions into valuable business leads through effective digital customer engagement.
  • Email Marketing Certified: Offers insights into high conversion rates, strategic email marketing campaigns, and best practices.
  • Marketing Analytics and Measurement Certified: Enhances data-driven decision-making and tailored marketing strategies for measurable success.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Develop Customer Loyalty Online: Masters the art of building lasting online customer relationships and loyalty.

Advanced Certifications:

  • AI-Powered Performance Ads Certified: Enhances campaign efficiency using advanced AI technologies.
  • Google Ads Creative Certified: Improves ad performance with deeper insights into creative strategy and targeting.
  • Google Ads Measurement Certified: Focuses on precise targeting and real-time optimization for scalable marketing campaigns.
  • Google Ads Search Certified: Demonstrates proficiency in optimizing Google Ads for improved visibility and ROI.
  • Google Ads Display Certified: Enhances targeted advertising and campaign performance in the digital marketing sphere.
  • Google Grow Offline Sales Certified: Integrates online strategies with offline sales to optimize ROI through data-driven approaches.
  • Search Ads 360 Certified: Validates expertise in managing and optimizing search campaigns across multiple search engines using the Search Ads 360 platform.
  • Google Ads Video Certified: Demonstrates advanced knowledge in video advertising, optimizing video campaigns for maximum impact and engagement.

Recognized by Google as a certified professional, brings a wealth of expertise in Google Ads, offering strategic insights and innovative solutions to grow businesses effectively in the digital realm.

My Research Contributions


I am an esteemed market researcher and writer with a focus on understanding online consumer behavior and refining digital marketing strategies. My work extensively involves the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance user experiences, leading to notable advancements in the field.

Through my research, I have contributed to the evolution of web development practices, enabling more effective search engine optimization techniques that significantly boost online visibility. I excel in utilizing data analytics to drive informed decision-making in digital marketing campaigns, effectively blending theoretical research with practical implementation.

My contributions to the field have been recognized and acknowledged on prominent platforms such as Google Scholar, ORCID, FigShare, and Academia. My dedication to merging innovative research with actionable insights continues to offer substantial value to both academic and industry sectors, solidifying my position as a pivotal figure in the realm of digital marketing and market research.

My first client and website

In 2002, on Yahoo Messenger, I encountered my first client, Bradley Witham, who was pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science in Australia. Our initial professional interaction led me to develop Witham.net, an online discussion forum tailored to his needs. 

This project not only marked the beginning of my professional journey but also laid the foundation for a lasting relationship. Over time, Brad and I transitioned from being mere acquaintances to friends, and eventually, our bond grew to the extent of considering each other as family friends. 

This experience was pivotal, illustrating the profound impact of professional engagements on personal life and the potential for lasting friendships in the business world.

Freelance work glimpse

Since embarking on my freelance journey in 2011, I have dedicated myself to providing top-notch services in web development, web security, and web speed optimization. My expertise in these areas has allowed me to serve over 500 clients, ensuring their projects achieve the highest standards of performance and security.

My commitment to excellence is evidenced by the recognition I've received on platforms like Fiverr, where I have amassed more than 320 five-star ratings. This accolade not only reflects client satisfaction but also underscores my ability to deliver high-quality results consistently.

My freelance work goes beyond mere service provision; it's about creating lasting relationships with clients and offering solutions that drive their success in the digital world. With each project, I strive to understand the unique needs of my clients, tailoring my approach to meet their specific requirements and objectives.

This customer-centric approach has been the cornerstone of my freelance career, enabling me to build a reputation as a reliable and skilled professional in the web development industry. Through continuous learning and adaptation, I aim to stay ahead of industry trends, ensuring my clients always receive the most advanced and effective solutions.

Character Counter Web Project

Character Counter

Recognizing the widespread need for efficient text analysis tools, I launched Character Counter. This website serves as a reliable resource for individuals struggling with character, word, and letter counting tasks. Its primary function is to provide users with automatic and accurate counts of characters, words, and paragraphs in any given text.

The tool proves to be exceptionally useful for crafting social media posts, where character limits are crucial, and for writing essays, where word count is often a key consideration. By simplifying these aspects of text creation, charactercounter.top enhances productivity and ensures users can focus on the quality of their content without the hassle of manual counting.

Digital Dominance

digital dominance

I founded Digital Dominance Agency (DDominance.com) to be the cornerstone for businesses aspiring to transform their online footprint. My expertise in web development, speed optimization, and digital marketing establishes the foundation for our clients' digital success. At my agency, we ensure that every digital platform we create is visually striking and leads its market in performance.

Over the past 15 years, I have built a global client base, empowering over 400 clients to achieve digital superiority. My agency is recognized for its innovative approach and successful outcomes, helping businesses carve out a strong and impactful online identity.

My operational strategy is comprehensive, covering everything from new website creation and existing site revamping to speed optimization and strategic SEO campaigns. My aim is to position our clients as industry leaders, crafting digital experiences that engage and convert their target audience.

In SEO, my agency excels with a holistic approach encompassing On-Page, Technical, and Off-Page SEO. I focus on optimizing every aspect of our clients’ online presence to enhance visibility, engagement, and rankings, adhering to White-Hat SEO practices to ensure sustainable and long-lasting success.

Choosing my agency, Digital Dominance, means partnering with a leader who prioritizes ethical practices and is dedicated to guiding your digital journey. I am committed to elevating your business in the digital landscape, ensuring enduring dominance and success.

Aspirations & Goals

My Aspirations & Goals

Throughout my journey, I've encountered periods of uncertainty, where the direction of my life wasn't entirely clear. I've often pondered the purpose of my actions and the paths I've chosen. Yet, amidst this introspection, one thing remains undeniably clear: my aspiration to make a significant impact.

This drive for influence may stem from a deep-seated desire to leave a lasting legacy or perhaps a primal urge to gather resources. The exact motivation remains a complex tapestry of desires and ambitions.

I believe this sentiment resonates with many, though it often goes unexpressed, shadowed by fear or the inability to confront these truths. Acknowledging and articulating these feelings is the first step toward fulfilling them. Therefore, I choose to face them openly, striving to bring clarity and purpose to my aspirations and actions.

Technology and me 

Technology and Kashif Mukhtar

Throughout my journey, I've encountered periods of uncertainty, where the direction of my life wasn't entirely clear. I've often pondered the purpose of my actions and the paths I've chosen. Yet, amidst this introspection, one thing remains undeniably clear: my aspiration to make a significant impact.

This drive for influence may stem from a deep-seated desire to leave a lasting legacy or perhaps a primal urge to gather resources. The exact motivation remains a complex tapestry of desires and ambitions.

I believe this sentiment resonates with many, though it often goes unexpressed, shadowed by fear or the inability to confront these truths. Acknowledging and articulating these feelings is the first step toward fulfilling them. Therefore, I choose to face them openly, striving to bring clarity and purpose to my aspirations and actions.


Throughout my career, I've been driven by a quest to create meaningful impact, with technology as my main arena. Entrepreneurship excites me, and I am constantly seeking avenues where I can apply my skills to initiate or be part of groundbreaking ventures.

My aspiration is not just to be a participant in the tech industry but to be a catalyst for change, pioneering innovations that redefine how we live and work. The path ahead may be uncharted, but my commitment to making a substantial difference is steadfast.

I am keen to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations that are at the forefront of technological evolution. If you believe in the power of collaborative innovation and are looking for a partner or contributor who is passionate about driving change, I would love to hear from you.

To discuss potential collaborations or to share opportunities that align with my passion for technology and impact, please reach out through the bellow contact form or call +971 55 1351 388. Together, we can forge a future that is innovative, impactful, and infinitely promising.

Kashif Mukhtar
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